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Service & Support Value

Proven experience when you need it most

GraphicCARE has been in business since 1996, consulting on technology and providing services to a wide range of businesses. Our Motto is “Services First”. Our commitment is to provide expertise and professional services beyond your expectations, satisfying even the most demanding clients. We have implemented and supported many Local Area, Wide Area, Wireless and Storage Area networks. Our comprehensive customer support packages contain a full range of service and support products. We specialize in providing tailor-made support solutions using our customer focus and full-service capabilities. Proven experience when you need it most…Now!

Coherent planning, solid experience and commitment ensure that technology is used to your organization’s advantage. Our Customer Care Centre has the resources and expertise to provide the highest levels of service and support for the implementation of new technologies. Our knowledgeable technical specialists have relevant Industry Training that guarantees the job gets done right the first time. A key requirement in today’s successful enterprise is using many technologies for greater efficiency in business operations and we are there to provide complete cross-platform support.

  • Professional Technical Phone Support
  • Fast Response
  • Proactive Response
  • Complete Administration of Multi-vendor hardware and software platforms
  • Comprehensive training on our solutions


Our specialists are at the heart of GraphicCARE.
They have the experience and knowledge to keep you up and running.

Trevor Page

President & Founder

Trevor’s computing experience starting in the late 70s with an early Commodore PET, Apple II and the first IBM PC. His early years were spent programming graphics routines and games to satisfy his desire to learn every aspect of computers. Trevor enjoys travelling and carpentry in his spare time and is also an avid musician.


We work with the very best products and partners.